Bad Bears: The Panda Counterfeit Report by 7/16/2010
Images of fake Chinese coins or bars  12/06/2008
Fake Chinese Coin Sellers on Ebay (updated weekly)  10/08/2008
The below site shows how fake American and other coins are being made in China. There are 24 pages with pictures.


Fake 1985 27g silver panda with Face Value on Ebay again!!



Fake 25th Anniversary Panda Set Found!!!

How to tell the fake?

The fake 25th Anniversary coin set packing box is dissimilar, is two sides links buckling, does not bring the lock, the box color also to have a difference with the real coin set box.  The certificate is made with non-Renminbi paper, and the number looks slightly fuzzily.  The coins' superficial effect is worse, and packing with plastic film.
Here are some images of the fake 25th: box 1, box 2, certificate (fuzzily), coins (coins at the right side are fakes packing with plastic film)



-- All fakes are found on Ebay -- 

Useful guide to avoid counterfeit pandas by bullioncoins

How to spot a counterfeit silver panda by poconopenn


Recently, a group of fake silver pandas with Face Value have entered U.S. coin market.  Be careful when you bid on Ebay or buy at shows!

1. Fake 2002 Double Die

2. Fake 97, 98, 99 1oz Colorized panda with Fake COA
Images: 1 2 3

3. All Fakes, no face value, copper with silver plated
Images: 1

4. 83, 84, 85, early 3 silver pandas
Images: 1

5. Fake 2005 1oz silver panda with 'COA'
Images: 1 2

6. Fake 1985 with Face Value!
Images: 1

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