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Australian Silver Lunar Series II (2008-present)

Australian Gold Lunar Series I (1996-2007)

Australian Silver Lunar Series I (1999-2010)
Chinese 1oz Colorized Silver Lunar Series (1998-2009, 2010-present)
Chinese 1/10oz Gold Lunar Series (1997-2008, 2009-present)
Chinese 1oz Silver Lunar Series (1997-2008, 2009-present)
Chinese 1/2oz Fan Shaped Gold Lunar Series (2000-2011)
Chinese 1oz Fan Shaped Silver Lunar Series (2000-2011)
Chinese 1oz Platinum Lunar Series (1988-1999) RARE
Chinese Scallop Shaped Silver Lunar Coins (1993-2004, 2005-present)
Chinese 8g Gold Lunar Series (1981-1992)
Canadian Lunar Series

Lean about Lunar-Zodiac  What's my Lunar Animal?

Many countries have minted coins in the Lunar Series and we have many of these coins in stock.  Check out the Australian lunar series in silver and gold.  The Chinese also have lunar series coins including the colorized series, gold, silver, platinum, and fan shaped coins. There is also the Canadian lunar series of coins, too, to help round out your collection.  At Panda USA we strive to provide you with a wide selection of coins in stock to help you buy the coins you are looking for.  However, demand is high and coins sell quickly.  That means if you find a lunar series coin you are looking for you won't want to let it go for fear that someone else will snatch it up, and they probably will!
If you aren't aware of the lunar series background and why countries chose to mint coins with lunar series then you can check out the site and learn more about it.  We provide information on the background, legend, and zodiac chart to help educate you on the lunar series of coins and to better understand them.  Whether you are just starting out with lunar series coin collecting or have been at it a while you will want to read this information.  It's informative and best of all you will have customer service representatives on hand waiting to answer all of your questions.  Keep in mind, too, if there are specific lunar coins you are looking for that aren't in stock on our website that you can request those coins and we will begin looking for them to help find them for you.
Go ahead and check out the coins we have in our lunar series and find a wide selection of coins to add from our collection to your today.


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